My art starts from the private but often ends up being generally applicable. It starts from small seemingly unimportant incidents and ends up being political and awareness-raising.


I am interested in studying what meaning is, how meanings change, merge, and dissolve. 

I think it is useless for an artist to declare truths, since they are scarce. In the best possible case, the meanings of the author and the experiencer enter into a dialogue with each other and nurture each other. Although art can never convey the truth, I hope that, when experienced, my art becomes true and that its meanings turn meaningful. That my art can influence and, whilst influencing, generate new art.

My artistic process is intense and intuitive. It is all about life; the good and the bad days, the multiple layers of experience, pain, happiness, motivation, fatigue, being young at heart and growing older. The multiple layers materialize in my work where I tear up pieces of my old paintings and resample them into something new.


Although my art is not driven by fixed high-flown causes or objectives, it often ends up taking a stand, as many of the meanings are universal and speak to people. I am happy to see how many people can relate to my art and even find comfort in it as fellow human beings.